Manifest: Showrunner and actress talk about season 3

Manifest season 3 opens on April 1 with the promise that the truth will come out. In an interview with TV Insider, the show’s showrunner, Jeff Rake, and Saanvi’s interpreter, Parveen Kaur, talk about what to expect from the new episodes.

Date of death

In Season 2, we discovered that everyone who “returned”, like the 828 and Zeke passengers, has a date to die. The day of death is defined by the length of time that the person was missing.

In the last episode we watched, Zeke (Matt Long) wins his date of death. According to the showrunner, the fact that the character remains alive will bring a sense of optimism to Ben (Josh Dallas) and Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh). They will think that if they continue to follow the Callings, they will live as well.

Rake warns that we can expect to see the two brothers trying to alert the other passengers. However, more or less in the middle of the season, they will realize that this idea is a little more complicated than they imagined.

What to expect from Saanvi?

According to the showrunner, Saanvi will not share his friends’ optimism. She is already very overwhelmed with everything that is happening. We must not forget that the doctor used science to heal himself from the Called.

Parveen Kaur, the actress who plays the character, suggests that the repercussions and consequences of her actions will be felt by everyone and not just the doctor.

Kaur still claims that she will be scared and on alert all the time after accidentally killing the Major (Elizabeth Marvel). Saanvi will be constantly afraid that they will find out what she did and be arrested.

A complete rake that makes everything even worse is that the doctor only told Vance (Daryl Edwards) what happened. No other character knows about the murder and that is too much of a burden to bear alone.

The showrunner also warns that during season 3, we will understand why passengers have returned and whether or not they will be able to survive their death dates.

Manifest returns with new episodes on April 1 on the NBC channel. In Brazil, you can follow the first two seasons on the Globoplay platform.



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