Manifest: Series Cancellation Can Be Reversed; Understand!


Manifest: Although the NBC channel announced the cancellation of the Manifest series in June 2021, the series’ audience following its inclusion in the Netflix catalog is causing the network to reconsider production. Since it was canceled, more and more people have started to watch the episodes and the show has earned the spot as the most watched program on streaming services in the United States.

With the new numbers, Jeff Rake, creator of the series, tried to convince Netflix to save the production and invest in a new season. The first response was negative, however, the numbers started to grow and the series figured in the top 10 most watched titles in the US for an entire month.

Soon, rumors released by Deadline portal claim that the streaming platform is reconsidering the proposal and the NBC channel itself regretted the cancellation. Although these are just rumors, Rake has already made several announcements to fans claiming that they are being heard and the renewal for a new season has not been completely ruled out.

So far, there is no official information about the future of the show. However, fans may not need to say goodbye to their favorite characters.

Learn more about the Manifest series

Currently in its 3rd season, the series tells the story of an apparently normal flight, but which, upon arriving at its destination, it is discovered that five years have passed since takeoff. Passengers were presumed dead, but now they need to adjust to the new times while discovering they can be part of a much larger event.

In Brazil, the series is available on the Globoplay streaming service.

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