Manifest: Season 4 Of The Series To Begin Recordings Soon On Netflix


Manifest: After being canceled by NBC, everything indicated that Manifest would be left without a decent ending. Until Netflix appeared to save the series and secure another 4th season, giving the production the opportunity to end the story the right way.

The streaming platform closed a deal for the 4th and final season of the show. According to Murphy’s Multiverse, the final season has already gained a date to start shooting, which should happen on November 18, 2021. However, Netflix has yet to confirm anything about the matter.

The last season of Manifest on Netflix

The season made by Netflix is ​​scheduled to have 20 episodes. Considering the style of the streaming platform’s productions, it would come as no surprise if the last season of Manifest was split into two parts of 10 episodes each.

The end of season 4 goes against the initial plans of creator Jeff Rake, who planned to produce six seasons of the series. However, with positive thoughts, he reassured fans and commented a bit about the situation in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Rake confirmed that one last season is enough to be able to complete the character arc and finish the show in a dignified manner. “The good news is that I am absolutely confident that 20 episodes will give me enough time to tell the whole story, as I always intended,” commented the creator.

Rake even emphasized that he didn’t expect to be given such a good opportunity to finish the story. “Given that this summer I had to go through the thinking exercise of how to get to the original ending in two episodes, six episodes or nine episodes, I feel like it’s a really good thing to have 20 episodes to tell the rest of the story.” celebrated Rake.

From the lines of the creator of the series, we can expect a conclusion not rushed and very consistent with the history of Manifest.

The streaming platform has yet to release a release date for season 4 of Manifest.