Manifest: Season 4 Of The Series Could Go To Netflix; Understand!


Manifest: Just days after an exciting season finale, the Manifest series was canceled by NBC. The information took a lot of people by surprise, as the series was an audience favorite and had one of the best ratings on the channel.

Since then, fans have used social media to speak up and ask other channels or streaming platforms to save the production. The favorite to take over the show seems to be Netflix, which is known for rescuing canceled series.

In addition, season 1 and season 2 of Manifest have recently entered the platform’s US catalogue. The show quickly took the number one spot among the top 10 most watched streaming.

Manifest: What is the chance of the series being saved by Netflix?

Lucifer and Designated Survivor are some examples of productions that were rescued by Netflix. Other shows have also gained a “second life” on the platform with reboots and revivals, such as Arrested Development, Fuller House and Gilmore Girls. Will Manifest be able to follow the same path?

According to series creator Jeff Rake, the 828 passenger mystery was designed to last 6 seasons. With so much story to tell, Netflix may be responsible for giving the show the opportunity for the plot to be completed. Conversations between Warner Bros. and Netflix are already happening, according to international sources. However, no decision has yet been made.

On social media, the hashtag #SaveManifest (in free translation, Save Manifest) is being used by fans, staff and cast to campaign for the show to be saved.

In Brazil, the first two seasons of Manifest are available on Globoplay.