Manifest: Netflix Gives Up On Saving Series After Cancellation


Manifest: Some recent speculation spoke of Netflix’s interest in saving the Manifest series, which had its cancellation official and reported by NBC in recent days. As the producers pointed out, the initial planning of the project foresaw the execution of six seasons. However, it seems that Netflix would have refused the acquisition of the series.

With that, the search for a new house could be ended, as the efforts would cover contractual issues with the cast and crew very soon. Jeff Rake, the creator of the production, expressed his gratitude to fans on his official Twitter profile for following the series over its three seasons on television.

“You watched religiously, analyzing every word, cried a lot, laughed a little, solved a puzzle and never, ever hesitated in your support. I could never forget that,” he wrote.

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In addition to Rake, Josh Dallas, who played Ben Stone, one of the protagonists, also thanked fans for their support, publishing an image in which he appears alongside actress Melissa Roxburgh, his sister in fiction, detective Michaela Stone.

Manifest: What will be the ultimate fate of the mystery series?

In its first episode, Manifest introduced Flight 828, with several passengers. During the trip, great turbulence hit the plane, which caused great discomfort to everyone on board.

However, after landing, the characters were surprised by the news that years had passed since the boarding took place and that for a long time they were believed to be dead.

This great impasse began the mystery that would follow until the airing of Season 3, recently concluded on NBC. Several questions were implied throughout the episodes, bringing many questions from viewers. Claiming low audience, the station opted for cancellation, leaving all these questions without conclusive answers.

Although the negotiations with Netflix, the streaming giant, were a real gamble by the producers, the time has come to let life go on. As such, Manifest may not return on any other channel or platform for its 4th season.


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