Manifest: Netflix Confirms Season 4 Release In 2022


Manifest: According to TV Line, Netflix has confirmed that the 4th season of Manifest should arrive on its platform in 2022. The mystery series around Flight 828 was canceled last year by NBC after 3 seasons, but the streaming service rescued the attraction, with an order for 20 additional episodes to wrap up the original story.

The return of the series is a result of the success of the title in the American catalog – in Brazil, the 42 episodes of the production are not available on Netflix, but on HBO Max and Globoplay. Filming for the new year is still underway and a few weeks ago showrunner Jeff Rake commented on the premiere date, scheduled for November.

Even before leaving the home network, the creator had planned to develop the plot over six seasons. Although this did not materialize, in an interview with the website EW, Rake highlighted that the change did not require him to change the ending, and assured fans that the series will tie up any loose ends left after the end of season 3.

“Having to end the series with a 4th season will not change the story and fate of the characters. After the cancellation, fans will remember that I was hopeful that someone would come to save [Manifest], even if it was through a movie or just 2 episodes. That idea got me thinking about how to adapt [the full arc],” he explained.

“The good news is that I’m absolutely confident that 20 episodes gives me enough time to tell the whole story as I always intended.” Like Ozark and Stranger Things, the final season of Manifest will be divided into parts, not yet detailed by Netflix.