Manifest: Creator Says He Still Hasn’t Given Up On Ending The Series With Dignity


Manifest: Jeff Rake, creator of Manifest, says he is looking for a way to end his story. The writer took a stand after Netflix reported that he won’t save the show canceled by NBC on June 14th. Streaming was seen as a potential home for the show.

Through his Twitter account, Jeff gave hope to the “manifesters” (nickname given to fans of the series) of finding a solution to the cancellation.

“Manifesters! Your support is inspiring. We’re trying to find a way to end the series. It can take a week, a month, a year. But let’s not give up. You deserve the end of the story. Keep the conversation alive. If it works, it’s because of YOU. #SaveManifest ,” he wrote.

In the responses to your post, several people showed support for the continuation of the series. In the past, Jeff has commented in an interview that the show was planned to run for 6 seasons. Thus, its early closure meant that many questions have not yet been answered

Manifest Actors Say Goodbye to the Series After Cancellation

Manifest actors used their social media to thank fans for their support during the time the series was on air. Josh Dallas, who played Ben Stone, posted a photo on Instagram regretting NBC’s decision.

“We are very proud to have brought this story to you over 3 seasons. We would love to be able to finish the journey with you. But the cancellation was not in the letters,” he wrote.

Melissa Roxburgh, who played the character Michaela alongside Josh, also spoke.

“Thank you, Jeff Rake, and our producers for giving us this dream. I will forever cherish the moments when we laughed, cried, talked… we convulsed in our ‘calls’, we had blood pouring out of our eyes, we stayed up all night in the NY cold… Thanks to the audience that kept us playing” , posted on his Twitter.

In its plot, Manifest explores a mystery about a plane that disappeared from the radar and returned two years later as if nothing had happened. Since its debut, the thriller has gathered a legion of fans.


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