Manifest: Creator Plans to Make Movie to Complete Series


Manifest: Jeff Rake, creator of Manifest, has definitely not given up on completing his series. Now, after not being successful in negotiating with other players who could serve as a secondary home for the production, he plans to develop a feature film. The idea is that the project is about two hours long and is able to solve the mysteries presented in the first three seasons.

According to information gathered by Entertainment Weekly, Rake intended to submit Manifest only in season 6. Now, the producer and screenwriter is looking for a studio that can finance his work, above all, out of respect for the fans who followed the story from the beginning.

Also according to the news portal, he already had some ideas to successfully condense the story and tie up the loose ends left by the episodes presented on NBC. The budget would be quite modest, and for that reason, Rake has high hopes for this new process.

“Personally, I’m outlining some questions about how to transform the second half of the series into something more simplified, that would go straight to the point, solving everything that is pending in the narrative”, he commented, in an interview with the website.

“There are a lot of interesting things about the end of the story, including what actually happened to the passengers [of Flight 828] and the plane that carried them,” he added.

Manifest: Learn more about series cancellation

The cancellation of Manifest took many fans by surprise, as well as the cast and production team, largely because of the development of the mysteries the narrative was presenting in the latest batch of episodes.

NBC, in turn, claimed that the series had unsatisfactory ratings in terms of audience — which would not justify its renewal. After the information was made official, Jeff Rake started looking for a new home for the show, even resorting to Netflix.

Now, it remains to be seen whether the onslaught of the creator of the production will be met by a studio. Let’s wait for more news!


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