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The 3rd season of Manifest premiered last Friday (1st) and the premiere episode resumed the series three months after the end of the 2nd season. As seen in the first five minutes released by NBC last week, Ben is in Havana looking for one of the boats that appear in Cal’s drawings.

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More details about the Manifest season 3 premiere

Still in Havana, Ben receives a call from his son, while Michaela and Zeke are on their honeymoon in Costa Rica. A call with Cal and Michaela reveals one of the most surprising information from the episode: they may have met Angelina Mayer, a passenger on Flight 828 who had never been found.

Then, Ben finds the owners of Tesoro di San Antonio and confirms that they found something strange. The two take him to a remote area, in which he finds part of a Montego Airlines aircraft. When trying to touch the tail, it is immediately thrown backwards by an invisible force field.

Things get even stranger when a police officer shows Ben’s video being aired and urges him to do it again. However, this time, when he touches the tail, nothing happens.

Meanwhile, Mikaela and Zeke keep looking for more information about Angelina. They travel to their parents’ house and they say they haven’t seen their daughter in months, but the last time she was with them, she was acting very strange.

The two make up an excuse to go to the bathroom and manage to find Angelina trapped inside a closet. Upon rescuing her, the girl states that she wants to return to the United States with Mikaela and Zeke.

Back in Havana, Ben, Vance and Emmett steal the plane’s giant tail with the cops right behind them. Then, Alonzo manages to arrange for the four to meet to return home. Then, Cal says that he was waiting for Angelina.

The mystery of the plane continues and Ben believes that the new piece found may be an indication that they all died and were resurrected. In the kitchen, Cal says that he has a similar feeling as when he saw the three shadows and the episode ends with the camera flying over the lake that appears at the end of the second season of Manifest. Then, three bodies appear on the surface and one of them opens its eyes.

With this electrifying episode, the third season of the series still has many answers to give to fans. What are you thinking of Manifest so far? Leave your opinion below!


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