Manifest 3×9: Saanvi Must Finally Tell The Truth


Manifest: Season 3 of Manifest continues to bring more mysteries – and few answers – about the Summons and what really happened with Flight 828. A Saanvi experiment manages to get close to the truth, but a Summons makes colleagues suspicious of it and the truth come up.

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More details of the 3×9 episode of Manifest

If you were waiting for a quiet episode, you were certainly surprised by everything that happened on the series this week. Floods and earthquakes are just some of the problems faced by the characters, while they are still trying to understand the Callings.

This time, Dark Cloud Calling has sent a warning that Eureka is right at the center of everything that is happening. However, as the Callings are, in essence, connected to science, the Bible and even Egyptian mythology, it is easy to understand why they do not always get answers as they expected.

While trying to solve the mystery of Flight 828, Saanvi managed to simulate some black rays to make a fragment of Noah’s Ark disappear. The simulation may be an answer to the flight disappearing and reappearing five years later.

Meanwhile, Ben, Eagan and Mick shared a Call that included nothing more than a flood and a lion. There is a chance that this was a warning from Noah’s Ark, but Mick was not very impressed with the revelation. In fact, they thought that the lion crying blood was a warning about a lie.

When Saanvi’s eyes also started to bleed, they believed she was hiding a secret. So Saanvi had to reveal what she did to the Major, and then her eyes stopped bleeding immediately.

In addition, Ben found Al-Zuras’s diaries and saw Saanvi’s photo, concluding that someone would need to make a sacrifice. In that case, Saanvi. As soon as she took over everything she did, it was as if order was restored.

In fact, it is worth mentioning that Saanvi’s actions are justified. As much as she had no intention of killing the Major, he was not exactly a good person. So his death may have saved the passengers.

Finally, a kind of love square was also featured in the 3×9 episode of Manifest. Jared, Zeke, Mick and Sarah seem to have a lot of mixed feelings about each other, many of which seem to have been suppressed over dinner.

With the end of the season approaching and the fact that the series has not yet been renewed for a 4th season, we can only hope that passengers will get more answers about the mysterious events soon.

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