Manifest 3×4: Zeke Develops Amazing New Skill


Manifest: Those who follow Manifest must already be accustomed to the premise that, with each new question answered, several other questions arise. In the 3×4 episode of the series, we are bombarded with new information that can change the course of what we had taken for granted until then.

The whole issue surrounding Flight 828 is so intriguing that not even a team of government researchers, including Ben, Saanvi and Mic, are able to demystify it on their own. In the new episode of Season 3, a new level is reached when Zeke comments that he was able to feel Beverly’s sensations at that moment, leaving Mic impressed.

What can this represent for the rest of the series? Check out the recap!

More details of the Manifest 3×4 episode

At the very beginning, we have a confirmation: just as Ben suspected from the beginning, the tail fin found is, in fact, an original part of the 828. But not only that. She teleported directly to the bottom of the ocean.

However, this is not the only strange part of the new episode of Manifest. Focusing specifically on Taylor, we know that she died of a gunshot wound, but the postmortem injuries to her body showed signs of an explosion in the air, as well as the traces of an algae present only in the Caribbean – which is compatible with the place where the tail was found.

Another point to be investigated is the Major’s death – caused by Saanvi and who developed a series of guilt episodes. This week, in Manifest, a sanitation truck is shown and many fans have raised the theory that the Major’s body was dumped and taken straight to New Orleans. Does it make sense?

In the 3×4 episode of Manifest, who also gains a little focus is Pete. We recall a little of his trajectory and see that he was used by his trainer in high school to sell drugs. All of this ended up resulting in the death of one of his teammates and Pete tries to cope with the grief and guilt he feels to this day.

Mic and Zeke are able to identify a lot with this situation. It is interesting to see how the loss of a loved one is a sensation that passes through everyone, passengers or not.

Taking advantage of the fact that we talk about Zeke, it is essential to mention his “ability” to feel exactly what someone else felt. Now we are in doubt: what is it for? Will he be able to help other people in need?

Once again we left an episode of Manifest with more questions than answers!


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