Manifest 3×3: Investigations intensify with mythology


Manifest 3×3: Last Thursday (16), NBC aired a new episode of the 3rd season of Manifest. The characters continue to seek answers about what would have happened with flight 828. Thus, in the title “Wingman” (Right Arm, in a free translation), the spectators watch some symbolism making sense in the narrative.

Check out all the details of the Manifest 3×3 episode with our recap!

Manifest 3×3: mythological investigations provide details about what would have happened with flight 828

Ben (Josh Dallas) came very close to getting a very important papyrus, but, unfortunately, Eagan (Joseph Sikora) got rid of him while pawning some of the other artifacts he stole from the storage unit. Even without the missing piece on the papyrus, it is possible to deduce that the peacock symbolizes two things: immortality and resurrection.

Both immortality and resurrection have been mentioned several times throughout the other seasons of the series. And Ben’s current theory revolves around the idea that they were resurrected after the explosion of Flight 828. In that sense, the peacock can be a constant reminder that they all received a second chance to correct the course and live a better life. .

Within this context, Olive (Luna Blaise) and Angelina (Holly Taylor) research on the artifacts that TJ (Garrett Wareing) sent from Egypt also confirmed this same theory, given that the drawing featured the Egyptian goddess of justice in life after dead.

Further investigation revealed that the goddess could also represent the ethical and moral principle that Egyptian citizens were expected to follow in their daily lives. However, those who were resurrected were judged for what they did with their second chances. If they lived a virtuous life, they could overcome the date of death and achieve immortality.

Even so, the characters are still suspicious of several aspects, mainly due to the nature of all passengers on the flight. Not all were exactly bad people who needed to change completely. And other previous events also reveal that some of them managed to free themselves from the Callings.


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