Manifest 3×11: The Consequences of Ben’s Actions


Manifest: The 3rd season of Manifest continues to provoke strong emotions in the viewers. After showing the episode this Thursday (20), NBC released a preview for what will be broadcast on June 3, focusing on the consequences of the actions of Ben (Joshua Dallas), which could completely change the perspective of his marriage .

Those who follow the series recently watched the call that the character had. However, this led him to face a very peculiar enemy, which defied all his paradigms.

As the images show, in the title “Duty Free”, Michaela Stone’s brother (Melissa Roxburgh) will be brought to court with severe charges on his back. Grace (Athena Karkanis), his wife, will question everything that would have happened in a melancholy tone.

In addition to these events, Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) will see his expectations increasingly fragile, given that, in addition to Michaela, other characters will have to make difficult decisions regarding their investigations.

Check out the full preview:

Manifest 3rd season: series will face hiatus next week

Fans will have to calm down, as Manifest will be on hiatus for the next week, returning only on June 3, Thursday. The breath may come in handy at that moment, given that, for two consecutive weeks, the NBC mystery series aired double episodes.

The third season of the series has been surprising the audience with a lot of information that provides interesting clues to certain events. The biggest mystery of the production continues to be the disappearance of Flight 828, in which Michela, her brother and other characters were in the first episode.

Each week, in addition to facing a new challenge, some conclusions about this great unknown are being drawn by the investigations that occur in the narrative. In this sense, the 3rd season continues with great moments for the public and promises to move towards something grand in its conclusion.

So stay tuned and don’t miss any details! The 3×11 episode of Manifest will air on June 3 on NBC.


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