Manifest 3×10: Saanvi is in The Middle of a New Earthquake (promo)


Manifest season 3 begins to approach its end and still brings many mysteries about the Called Ones and what really happened with flight 828. After doing a simulation that caused the wreckage of Noah’s Ark to disappear, Saanvi remains on center of things and now you will have to make risky decisions to prevent the death of more people.

Check out the full promo and the trailer for the following episode:

Manifest 3×10: what will happen in the episode?

In the series, flight 828 mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Five years later, the plane landed in New York and all of its passengers disembarked, having no idea that time had passed, as their experience consisted of only a few seconds of turbulence. Then, they begin to receive unusual calls and must unite to be able to unravel all the mysteries that surround them.

The 10th episode of the 3rd season of Manifest is called “Compass Calibration” and, like the previous chapters, it should bring a lot of drama, suspense and action. That’s because Michaela found a dangerous arsenal on flight 828, Saanvi continues to make very risky decisions and Angelina continues to test her relationship with Eden.

Meanwhile, Ben will follow a very vulnerable Call from one of the passengers, leaving the character face to face with an enemy. In addition, a natural disaster – which appears to be more of an earthquake – will challenge passengers, forcing Saanvi to make dangerous decisions.

The episode will be broadcast next Thursday (20). So far, the fourth season of Manifest has not been confirmed. As there are still many answers that we need to close the story, we cannot help but hope that the next episodes will be enlightening, especially with regard to the Called.

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