Manifest 3rd Reason: Upcoming Episodes Get Intense Promo; Look!


Manifest: This week, the audience for Manifest will again watch two episodes in a row. For this reason, NBC has already released an unprecedented preview that shows some scenes about what’s coming up in the series.

In the title “Precious Cargo”, also known as episode 3×7, viewers will see several exciting conflicts involving the main characters.

Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) will raise some questions about Ben (Josh Dallas), while Saanvi (Parveen Kaur), as he continues with his research, will have an important scientific discovery.

Right afterwards, in “Destination Unknown”, the audience will follow the efforts of the Stone brothers in helping a passenger on Flight 828, also counting on the personal saga of other characters and also the secrets that Saanvi will need. keep with you.

Check out the full preview:

Manifest 3×7 and 3×8: learn more about what’s next in the NBC series

From the images presented, many of the mysteries that the series has been presenting over the first few years remain unexplained.

However, a good number of them are moving towards certain resolutions. As seen in the episodes aired last week, the characters remain stunned because of the calls and also the deaths that have been occurring.

Many conflicts will still be seen by the viewers before the characters can be calmed down. Furthermore, the parallel plots have gained a lot of prominence in Manifest’s narrative, which may be an indication that in the end they will matter a lot for the central plot.

So, be sure to check out any details! The next episodes of Manifest will be shown, one after the other, next Thursday, May 6, by NBC.


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