Maneskin Responds to Accusations of Queerbating: “Every day we live very close to people from the community”


Maneskin responded to the accusations of queerbating made against them.

Although two members of the Italian rock band – bassist Victoria de Angelis and drummer Ethan Torchio — belong to the LGBTQ+ community, frontman Damiano David and guitarist Thomas Raggi have faced criticism for adopting a more gender—fluid style, often with makeup and high heels. despite the directness.

Speaking to The Guardian, de Angelis said: “There are times when this happens, but sometimes [the accusations] are so extreme. For queer people who have to fight against these stereotypes, it’s stupid to label it and sow even more hatred. The fact that [Raggi and David] are straight doesn’t mean they can’t wear makeup. Or heels.

David agreed, adding: “Everything Thomas and I do is always filtered by two people who are [queer]. Of course, we don’t face the same thing, but every day we live very close with people from the community.”

The band also discussed the opposition they faced from conservatives, “traditional rock and roll fans and fascists who hate us with everything they have.” David even said that there is a conspiracy theory in their native Italy: “They say that we become famous because we get paid. That we are working with the Italian government to share this gender-changing culture!”

De Angelis added: “A lot of people are really proud. But Italy is a very conservative country, and they are afraid of the fact that someone can wear makeup or high heels, appear half—naked or not be straight. But to hell with them.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the band doubled down on their rejection of the stereotypical rock and roll lifestyle, despite the public misconception. “I think people’s opinions about us and about me are very untrue,” David said. “People think we act like Sex Pistols or Mötley Crüe, but we’re not like that at all. We got more information about the risks associated with drugs and how they affect your body. I don’t even drink alcohol anymore.”

“We don’t think that real rock music is stereotypes about sex, drugs and a rock and roll lifestyle,” de Angelis later added. “It’s about self-expression and creative freedom.”

Yesterday (January 20) Måneskin released their new album “RUSH!”, which they celebrated by “marrying” Italian fashion designer Alessandro Michele in Rome. Tomorrow (January 22) they will play an intimate show at London’s Lafayette.


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