Mandy Moore’s Post-This Is Us Concert Tour Has Been Canceled, But There’s a Good Reason


While This is Us viewers were heartbroken by the show’s closure on NBC, many were no doubt thrilled to learn that Pearson matriarch Mandy Moore is heading on her first concert tour in years. After the announcement of the tour, the actress made another unexpected statement, saying that she was pregnant with her second child, and both announcements were met after the heartbreaking finale of the series. Alas, the mood soured again, although not by much, as Moore announced that the rest of her concert tour dates after the release of This is Us have been canceled. Disappointing everyone around, at least the reason why the cancellation news was nothing to complain about.

The “Rapunzel: A Tangled Story” actress was on the road for a month, moving from city to city and performing both her new and classic tracks. Unfortunately, Moore was unable to continue with the remaining tour dates, and she announced the unexpected news on her Instagram, saying that she is heartbroken over this development after enjoying her time on the road so far. But I doubt anyone would argue with her reasoning.:

It was an honor and an absolute dream for me to return to the stage again last month, performing for all of you. When we booked these shows, I wasn’t pregnant, and although I really thought I could get through it, the way we travel (long hours on the bus and lack of proper rest) caught up, took its toll and made it feel too difficult to continue.

It is difficult for musicians, even in the most favorable circumstances, to make night trips over rough terrain with performances. But being pregnant at the same time is even more burdensome. As Moore mentioned, singing and traveling were not suitable for a pregnant woman, especially by bus, not by plane.

Of course, Mandy Moore didn’t know she was going to get pregnant when tour dates were set in support of her new album In Real Life. The graduate of This is Us explained her position regarding the health of her and her child.

I know that I have to put my family and my health (and my child’s health) first, and the best place for me right now is at home.

Of course, Moore thanked her fans for their respect and understanding of her decision. She promised to return to the tour soon and reimburse concert-goers for the remaining concerts, which is a good plus, although I’m sure fans would prefer to just wait and watch a makeup show in the future.

While touring can be fun, nothing beats the health and safety of Moore and her unborn child. I hope she will sing songs again as soon as she feels comfortable after the birth of the child. Perhaps in the future fans will be able to hear new arrangements of classic songs such as “Candy” and “I Wanna Be with You”, or Rebecca’s wedding song. Or, quite possibly, she will soon write songs about her maternal path.

Moore is now focused on her second pregnancy. There were no announcements about new films or TV projects, as the performer told ET that she is currently taking a break from acting. If you want to relive the Pearsons’ heartfelt family moments, you can stream all six seasons of This Is Us by subscribing to Peacock. At the same time, there are new and old shows that you watch to feel the emptiness of the Big Three.