Mandy Moore reacted to the disparaging attitude towards Emmy in a new post


Mandy Moore turned to the series “This is Us” with disdain for the 2022 Emmy Award nominations. From the very beginning in 2016, Moore played Rebecca, the main character and mother of three children in the series “This is Us”. The actress received a Golden Globe nomination in 2017 and an Emmy Award nomination in 2019 for her role in a drama series. This is Us has been nominated for 35 Emmy Awards over six seasons, including two guest actor wins for Ron Sephas Jones as William and the lead role in the drama series by Sterling K. Brown for the role of Randall.

In the final sixth season of This Is Us, Moore was praised for her heartbreaking performance as Rebecca struggled with Alzheimer’s disease. The performance forced the audience and Moore’s colleagues to urge the actor to nod Emmy once again, with many turning to social media, and Brown wrote on Instagram to warmly support his cast colleague. Brown went so far as to say that “anyone who votes” at the Television Academy should give Moore an Emmy Award in 2022.

Now, in her Instagram story, Moore has expressed her pride, disappointment and optimism after This Is Us did not receive certain Emmy Award nominations this year. First of all, referring to the only nomination the show actually received, Moore expressed her love for the song “Day Of The Wedding/Song Title: The Forever Now”, which was nominated for “Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics”, and shouted out composer Siddhartha Khosla, as well as her husband Taylor Goldsmith. Nevertheless, Moore said that she would like “This is us” to be recognized in its “finest hour”, referring to the disparaging attitude towards the screenwriter, director, actors and other crew of the show.

Along with Moore’s comments, This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman also took to social media with his own reaction, expressing the need to “take a chin up” when Emmy nominations don’t work in favor of the show. Fogelman joined Moore in praising the only nomination the sixth season of “This Is Us” received, showing pride in his college roommate who composed the famous song. Despite the history of This Is Us nominations, both Fogelman and Moore seem to have found a middle ground in becoming part of the critically acclaimed show, and clearly feel deep love and gratitude for their work.

Despite the fact that “This is Us” has not received as many nominations, despite effective plot twists and commendable performances, Moore has a strong point of view, saying that the lack of award nominations does not detract from the mark that the show leaves on the audience, as well as on herself and her colleagues in the film. Let’s hope it will be a consolation for This Is Us if the nominated song performed by Rebecca Moore in the show wins the 2022 Emmy. Ultimately, Moore’s sense of disappointment, as well as recognition of the legacy of her beloved “This is Us,” demonstrates humility and does not prevent countless fans from considering both her role and the sensational drama series as long-time favorites.