Manchester United tries to reassure fans after reducing the number of tickets for the match with Chelsea


The club is fighting for fans to come to the game, despite an attempt by the police to halve the number of fans.

Manchester United fans were shocked after the club confirmed that the number of away teams for the match against Chelsea at the end of this month has been drastically reduced.

United will travel to London to face the Blues on Saturday, October 22.

And as the two clubs compete for fourth place in the Premier League, the number of travelling fans seems to have become a problem.

The FA confirmed that the start time of the match was agreed at 17:30 Moscow time, taking into account the rights to television and the police.

But the Metropolitan Police proposed to reduce the number of away fans allowed to attend due to concerns, and the number of allocations was halved.

Since Manchester United fans have already been allocated 2,994 exit tickets, the police have proposed allowing only 1,500 people to attend due to concerns about match control.

And with proposed rail strikes likely to affect travel that day, Metro had to meet with United in the middle after they objected to the proposal.

With the agreed reduced figure of 2,370, United will still have to sum up the 624 happy fans who were successful in voting and thought they would be at Stamford Bridge in the game.

And United had to fight for such a number, arguing that such a late decision to reduce the number of visitors was unfair.

The uncertainty regarding the time and date was due to Chelsea’s Champions League commitments.

And this decision means that the Red Devils must now find a way to treat fans fairly when it comes to redistributing tickets.

But an email sent out to United ticket holders explains that although there is no honest way to do it, more than 600 disappointed fans will lose in 12 days.

Instead, the club offered these disgruntled fans the opportunity to attend a separate game later.

According to The Manchester Evening News, “Fans who decide to return their seats for the game at Stamford Bridge can either receive a full refund for the ticket they originally purchased, or can instead receive a guaranteed ticket for an away game against Aston Villa or Aston Villa. Fulham, Wolverhampton or Arsenal.


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