Manchester United Is The Only English Club Remaining in Four Tournaments


It’s August 13, 2022, and Manchester United have lowered their heads in disappointment: they have nowhere to hide after Brentford’s 4-0 blow. Hardly anyone could have predicted United’s happy predicament.

According to The Athletic, United are the only team that can boast that they are still competing in four major competitions (via The Athletic).

The revival of Old Trafford is a real possibility, and the rejection of previous fears is a real reality.

The Return of the Red Devils

On the break before the World Cup, United came out in impressive form. With the return of competitive football, they managed to keep up the pace.

Eric Ten Hag’s wards have won 11 games in 12 games and are now in fourth place in the Premier League. United also have a semi-final clash with Nottingham Forest in the League Cup and a fourth-round battle against Reading in the FA Cup.

This is a feat that few could have foreseen.

The calm before the storm

Most of the opponents we had to face during this series of good form were favorable.

However, it is clear to see that Ten Hag has turned what seemed to be a motley team of uninspired players into a well-oiled competing machine.

“United” smoothly turns into sharp counterattacks, reminiscent of the “United” of the old teams.

Similarly, the backline is solid and relentless in the grip. This balanced team provided United with the longest winning streak since the beginning of the Ole Gunnar Sulscher era.

However, in addition to the revival of United, there remains the question of participation in four tournaments. Manchester United is the only English club that has to compete on four fronts, and this test can be a very difficult test for the players.

Ten Hag is more than aware of this, but was able to attract Wout Weghorst only as a short-term loan to solve his staffing problem. Ten Haga’s team still lacks a honed striker who can comfortably score 20 goals – an asset that most major clubs have at their disposal.

A necessary evil

With everything else to play for, but limited resources, it may be advisable to lose one or more competitions. This won’t be the first time a United team has chosen the inevitable evil for the greater good by adding silverware to the trophy cabinet.

As Karl Anka of The Athletic notes, former United boss Jose Mourinho preferred the Europa League rather than getting into the top four in the league. It was a risky strategy, but in the end United won the club’s last award and advanced to the Champions League.

There is a fine line between bravery and audacity or pride and prudence. The 52-year-old United coach will have to find a balance this season.


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