Manchester United Is Targeting Jonathan David, Who Is Struggling Because Canada Crashed Out of The World Cup


It would be fair to say that Manchester United’s goal Jonathan David did not play his best game against Croatia in the World Cup match in Canada today.

Even when his team controlled the situation in the early stages, the Lille striker hardly participated, not scoring the ball and losing the ball as many times as he held it.

He managed to sting goalkeeper Dominik Livakovich in the second half with a shot from a distance, but in the end the striker did not pose much of a threat.

Naturally, the quality of the opposition was a factor, as Croats often used magic to leave Canada chasing shadows.

But what Jonathan David couldn’t offer his team was something Manchester United have often lacked this season — an outlet.

The striker has played a central role at his club this season and has taken on the role of a lone striker who last season played almost exclusively as part of two strikers.

But against Croatia, he lacked the presence or movement of a real central striker as he struggled to create space for himself or time for his teammates.

A dynamic forward, David seemed to want to move away from Josco Guardiola and Dejan Lovren in order to avoid a physical battle, but often did so without providing himself in good positions for his teammates.

It was with such a move that Cristiano Ronaldo disappointed the fans in recent weeks at Old Trafford, only David saw the ball less.

Since United lacks a real presence in the center of attack, Canada’s match with Croatia will call into question his ability to lead the attack of Eric ten Haga. It is reported that it will be available for 50 million euros in January this year, but today’s results are unlikely to increase this price.

Of course, there is no need to doubt his talents after one defeat against a seasoned opponent – after all, David scored nine goals and gave three assists in 15 matches for Lille this season, which directly contributed to more than 44% of Lille’s goals. in League 1.

But it was a clear “day off” for the striker, and it is not surprising that he withdrew in the last 20 minutes.


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