Manchester United fan Conor McGregor Has Said He Wants to Buy Liverpool.


Conor McGregor has declared his interest in buying Liverpool, despite the fact that in the past he claimed to be a fan of Manchester United.

The Irishman said that in light of the Merseyside club being put up for sale this week, he would be interested in making an unlikely bid.

And, according to The Mirror, the UFC star said he had already made contact.

Responding to a user who tweeted and asked him to buy Liverpool, McGregor replied: “I LIKE IT! I have requested information about this, yes. As soon as I heard. What a turn of events! What a club!”, which calls into question what his loyalty really is.

The current owners of FSG Group confirmed in a statement earlier this week that they are actively seeking investors, and McGregor seems keen to join them.

It became known that the American owners had prepared a presentation to attract potential buyers.

It is expected that with the sale of the club, investment banking giants Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley will show great interest.

But the intentions of the former champion McGregor, despite the fact that he had previously proclaimed himself a red devil, will come as a surprise to many.

The 34-year-old footballer has previously officially stated that he has been a passionate United fan since childhood.

“Just the other day I came across an old photo of myself in this infamous grey United jersey that I bought with [the First Saint’s] money Communion at the age of eight.

“I see my son when I look at this photo. I wish I knew where he is now. A truly “infamous” football jersey!” said the Irish fighter.

McGregor has also been seen wearing a United shirt on several occasions in the past.

Speaking during a FIFA Q&A back in 2019, he told the audience that “back then he was more a player than an observer, but Manchester United was my team,” which clarified whether his love for the club was real or not.

“I was attracted by the success and winning mentality of the club and the people surrounded by United. Irish legends like Denis Irwin and Roy Keane were dedicated to their work and had a winning mentality.

“Roy Keane was one of the best midfielders European football has ever seen. Opponents will be mentally beaten before they even go out on the field to meet him,” McGregor said, showing that the UFC and boxing star knows his United history.

The Dublin fighter is well known for his comments about buying football clubs, but in the past he has tweeted about his interest in buying both United and Chelsea.

But with a likely list of more realistic investors, including a consortium from Dubai, McGregor may be a little shy about the proposed price of 4 billion pounds, which is being hung on Liverpool.


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