Manchester United Fails Due to Saudi Sponsorship As Lucrative Deal Cancelled


Manchester United have failed in their attempts to acquire a new sponsor on T-shirts.

A few weeks ago, the club announced that it had reached an agreement with TeamViewer to mutually terminate sponsorship of the team’s shirts.

However, until United finds a new sponsor, TeamViewer will remain on the United jersey.

TeamViewer’s refusal of sponsorship occurred against the background of takeover claims, when the Glazers wanted to finally sell and control the change of ownership to Old Trafford.

According to EPL World, United executives were in talks with the Saudi Arabian Tourism Authority to become the new sponsor of the Red Devils T-shirts.

Richard Arnold met with representatives of the Saudi Arabian Tourism Authority about the deal.

However, for unexplained reasons, the signing and announcement were canceled.

EPL World reports: “The Saudi Arabian Tourism Authority has terminated negotiations with Manchester United regarding the sponsorship of the club’s T-shirt.”

“A trilateral meeting was held between the general director of the club, the representative of the authorities Anas Al-Sharif and the representative of experts on social responsibility Saud Al-Subaye.”

“The original contract was supposed to be signed between the two sides this week.”

In the picture, the image of the United T-shirt is displayed on the TV screen with the clear inscription “Visit Saudi Arabia” in the middle of the T-shirt.

Another picture shows Cristiano Ronaldo in his trademark uniform. It is unclear what could have led to the cancellation of the signing.

It remains to be seen if this will happen again in the future or if the negotiations have completely failed. However, this is not good for United. From the outside, it seems that the club is in turmoil at every turn.


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