Management should be a permanent game mode of Apex Legends


The time-limited modes (LTM) in Apex Legends consist of variations and sometimes deviations from the classic formula of the battle royale, which the game is known for. These modes are usually associated with an event, and they can be played for several weeks before they disappear. In one of the previous LTMs called “Deja Loot”, the mining sites were static, which dramatically reduced the number of random elements in the battle royale modes. Another LTM, Shadowfall, pits all players against each other, and the fallen players return as shadows to destroy the survivors.

Of the many time modes that have been introduced and reintroduced in Apex Legends, “Control” is the most frequent game mode that has returned repeatedly. The action of Control takes place in secluded places on the battle royale maps. Two teams of nine players battle each other to capture 3 control points. The fast respawn time and focus on battles rather than looting have made Control one of the most beloved LTMs among players. Considering how often Respawn Entertainment has returned Control since its recent season 12 debut, it would be in everyone’s best interest if this mode became a permanent element of Apex Legends.

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Fast thrills and fast fights make everyone happy

Control frees players from a lot of preparation and downtime associated with the Apex Legends Battle Royale modes. Players don’t have to worry about where enemies land as they all appear in certain locations. Ground loot is mostly replaced with pre-determined gear, weapons with endless ammunition and aid packages. All the players have to do is select a character and choose a friendly occupied area in which he will appear. Due to the smaller size of the map and the objectives of the mode, it is not so difficult to find enemies in Control.

Successfully eliminating opponents or contributing to the success of a friendly team increases the rating of players. Higher ratings improve players’ weapons and armor, as well as charge their higher abilities. This gives them a greater advantage over their enemies in successful battles. Losing isn’t so bad either. Instead of waiting a long time for a teammate to respawn or win, death under control allows players to respawn either at a friendly point or at the base in a few seconds. The control gives Apex Legends players the opportunity for quick fights and a short respawn time — something that echoes the elements of Team Deathmatch mode.

Control Succeeds where Arenas have failed

Apart from the battle royale, Control is much better than the failed Arenas mode in Apex Legends. In the arenas, two teams of three players must prepare equipment by spending materials. These materials can be obtained by completing rounds, killing enemies, and collecting containers of materials scattered across maps unique to the game mode. Only when the preparation phase is completed can the round really begin. Since there are fewer players in the arenas, the rounds are usually very short (sometimes even shorter than the preparation phase).

Once a player dies, he must watch the battle of the rest of his team, waiting for the next round. This expectation, along with a long preparation phase, leads to a lot of downtime for players in the arenas. Moreover, working in pairs with inexperienced or toxic Apex Legends teammates forces players to stick with them throughout the game, so as not to receive a penalty for player selection. Arena games can be won by winning at least 3 rounds and winning 2 rounds more than the enemy squad, so they tend to be long games.

Although Control also includes a penalty for waiting to exit the game, players are more likely to continue the match because they enjoy the moment-to-moment battle. This allows them to practice shooting and moving (perhaps the most interesting parts of Apex Legends), rather than focusing on resource management. Control’s success comes down to player engagement—when players are so engrossed in the game that they don’t care if their team wins or loses.

By making “Control” a permanent game mode in Apex Legends, players will be able to get better much faster, as shootouts take almost no time. This will also allow Respawn Entertainment to allocate more resources to a game mode with a large player base, rather than shrinking like arenas. It would be great to see special control cards that take full advantage of the strengths of the game mode, as well as other features that can spice up the formula.

Apex Legends is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch and mobile devices.