How to manage autofill settings on Android?


The automatic filling of Android avoids having to enter personal information, addresses, means of payment and passwords each time you use a site or service. If you don’t know how to activate it, Futura will show you how.

Since Android 8.0, it is easier and faster to manage the automatic filling of your smartphone. The parameters relating to this functionality are indeed more easily accessible and can be activated or deactivated in a few seconds as long as we know where to find them.

As a reminder, the automatic filling on Android allows you to automatically complete certain fields of information (password, last name, first name, address, bank card, etc.) previously saved by a third-party service, often Google, although this can be a other password manager (LastPass, DashLane, etc.).

Here is the procedure to configure automatic filling on Android.

How to activate automatic filling on Android?

Note: the steps described below may be slightly different depending on the version of Android you are using. The principle nevertheless remains the same (unless your smartphone is running a version of Android earlier than 8.0).

The first thing to do is go to the language settings and enter your smartphone. To do this, go to the settings.

On our smartphone, the language and input settings can be found in “Additional settings”.

Now go to “Languages ​​and input”.

Once in “Languages ​​and input”, locate the section dedicated to “Automatic input service” and access it. In the illustration below, we can see that no service is active at the moment.

By default, we only find Google in the list of services offered. This is the one we will select in our example.

However, if you are already using a different service, it is supposed to appear in the list if it is installed on the smartphone. If it is not installed (for example, if you only use this service on a computer), then you can press “Add a service”.

A Google Play page with the main password managers is displayed, you can select the one you usually use, download it, install it and connect to it.

When you choose a service, a warning appears on the screen. Press “OK” to signify that you have given authorization to this service to manage automatic filling.

Google and auto-fill

Logically the only automatic filling service present on Android, Google is the most used. After defining it as an automatic filling service, you can normally access its parameters directly by pressing the icon in the shape of a toothed wheel which has appeared.

You then have the option of editing the following data:

Personal information, including your first and last name
Your address (also accessible via Google Maps)
Your means of payment (also accessible via Google Pay)
Your passwords
Once in the password manager (also accessible from your Google account in the “Security” section), you can also configure some interesting options. To access it, press the gear icon.

You can then activate or deactivate:

Offering to save passwords in Chrome and Android
Automatic connection to registered sites.


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