Man with symptoms of COVID-19 faints on crowded flight


Last Monday (12), a man allegedly having symptoms of COVID-19 passed out during a routine flight between Orlando and California, in the United States. After a detour, the passenger arrived at a hospital, but he could not resist and died shortly thereafter.

The affair began suddenly with the man, at no known age, claiming he was not feeling well just before he passed out. Immediately, some passengers were willing to start first aid with the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (RCR) process. Among the rescuers was Tony Adalpa, who told the TMZ website some details about what happened.

According to Tony, medical support took about 45 minutes to arrive, counted from the moment he started first aid. He also reinforced his concern about the risks of coronavirus infection: “There was no word of mouth, we were doing chest compressions,” he explains. In this way, a common oxygen mask, present on the plane, was used to assist the patient’s breathing during the RCR process.

Security measures

The man affected by the symptoms was treated in New Orleans after an emergency landing – dying shortly after being admitted to the hospital. Then, the flight continued to its final destination and all passengers on board had to answer a questionnaire stating that they had no symptoms of COVID-19 when disembarking – however, the presentation of evidence and medical documents was not mandatory.

The case gained greater repercussion after the wife of the affected passenger allegedly said that her husband had some of the symptoms of COVID-19, such as loss of taste and smell. However, before boarding, he had filled out a document required by United Airlines stating that he had none of the symptoms of the disease. According to the New York Post website, health officials are looking for nearly 200 passengers on board, possibly affected since then.

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