A Man Wants To Deliberately Spread The Corona Virus It Was Caught To Others


While the Corona virus continues to die, annoying news about the virus continues to come. A man with a positive corona virus test in Gamagori, Japan, but showing no signs of illness, wanted to infect others by going to two bars with tens of people.

In the incident in Gamagori, Japan, a man in his 50s applied to the hospital on suspicion of the corona virus. Although the corona virus tests performed on the man were positive, he was sent home after being told to isolate himself from the hospital since the man had no symptoms of disease.

The man who was positive for the Corona virus test, ignored the warnings of the staff at the hospital and went to the bar by a taxi after leaving the hospital. The man told his relatives that he would pass on the virus to others before taking a taxi.

The man who left the hospital went to two bars that day. The man who left the first bar went to another bar and deliberately tried to infect people. The police teams who knew about the incident went to the bars where he was to catch the man, but he had already gone home. The man caught in his house was caught by police teams and taken to a medical center.

The people in the bars where the man went were taken to a medical center for a corona virus test. The people working at the bar and people who came to the bar to have fun were all tested for the corona virus. So far, no explanation has been made as to whether corona virus is found in people in bars.

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This incident in Japan revealed that the measures to be taken against the corona virus should be tightened. Many countries have already started to take strict measures against the virus these days when the virus threat has increased.

Many countries such as Australia, Vietnam and the USA recently traveled to China or banned people from China from entering the country. Countries such as Jordan and Lebanon banned people from Italy, the country with the most common corona virus in Europe, from entering the country.

Despite the measures taken, the corona virus continues to spread. The virus has caused over 100,000 people to be infected so far. The number of people who died due to the virus epidemic exceeded 3,500.


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