A Man in the USA Owned a License Plate Writing ‘COV1D19’ for a Temporary Period


A person named Brandon C., who lives in the state of Ohio, USA, received a special license plate by contacting the Ohio Motor Vehicles Bureau. The special plate that Brandon C. received was recently related to the coronavirus, the world’s agenda. Brandon will be able to temporarily use his “COV1D19” license plate.

Coronavirus, which has been on the agenda of the whole world since the beginning of 2020, has been affecting everyone’s life for a while. While people are trying to do everything they can to protect themselves from COVID-19 disease, the governments are fighting war against the disease in order to prevent the spread of this epidemic. Now, we will take you to an interesting event that is happening nowadays when the coronavirus epidemic is a global problem.

Special license plates have always been a topic of interest for automobile enthusiasts, while in the U.S. one person has changed the license plate of the car in relation to the coronavirus, which is on the agenda of the whole world. The person in question now has the plate “COV1D19”.

Special plate for coronavirus
Car license plate application in the USA is a little different. People can obtain special license plates by applying to the Motor Vehicles Bureau of their state. A person named Brandon C., who lives in the state of Ohio, USA, applied to the Ohio Motor Vehicles Bureau and registered the “COV1D19” license plate on his behalf. Brandon can put his license plate into his car and walk around.

Providing explanations on the subject, Brandon C. states that he has a 1986 model Ford Mustang GT. Stating that such a thing came to his mind while sitting with his friends, Brandon stated that the Motor Vehicles Bureau made an application considering that he would not accept this request, but was shocked by the reply he received because he learned that his request was accepted.

Brandon put the special plate he bought into the 1986 Ford Mustang GT and will be able to use it for a while. Expressing that the Motor Vehicles Bureau temporarily allows for this license plate, Brandon says that he will use this special license plate until the time is over. It is unknown how long Brandon’s plate will be available.


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