A Man Unlocks His Smartphone With His Broken Finger


Yuri Vinogradov, 53, who lives in Belarus, came up with an interesting video in which he played the leading role. The 53-year-old man unlocked the screen of the phone by touching the severed finger of the phone, which he had kept in the freezer for three months, by touching the fingerprint reader of the phone.

The thumb of Yuri Vinogradov was broken in an electric saw accident while at work. Vinogradov kept it in the freezer, thinking that his severed finger could be sewn. However, the doctors said that it was not possible to sew the finger due to the age and diabetes of the 53-year-old man. Vinogradov continued to hide his finger in the freezer, although the finger could not be sewn again.

Yuri Vinogradov made an experiment wondering if she would use her smartphone with her finger hiding in the freezer, and it turned out that the smartphone could be used with the broken finger.

Vinogradov first removes his finger, detached from the freezer. Removing the finger from the freezer, the man tries to unlock the fingerprint lock of the Elephant S8 smartphone with a broken finger. However, this trial fails.

The man keeps his severed finger for a while to come to room temperature. When the temperature of the finger reaches room temperature, it places the finger on the phone’s fingerprint reader again. This time the phone is unlocked. Then, it is seen that he entered Facebook with his severed finger and scrolled down the main page.

With this trial, Yuri Vinogradov shows that the phones can be unlocked with the broken finger. Unlike Vinogradov, however, many studies have concluded that the smartphone cannot be operated with the broken finger.

In 2016, US police asked for help from Anil Jain from the University of Michigan to unlock a dead man’s phone. Because the phone could not be unlocked with the fingerprint of the dead man. An electric current was required for the smartphone’s fingerprint reader to unlock. In the study in 2016, Anil Jain managed to unlock by using an advanced digital fingerprint and conductive ink to create an electric current similar to that in live fingers.


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