A Man Takes A Photo Of The International Space Station From The Garden Of His House


A user on Reddit photographed and shared the International Space Station (ISS), which he took with a telescope installed in the backyard of his home. Thus, we can be sure that amateur astronomers also stay at home …

The International Space Station (ISS), which is in orbit of the Earth for space studies, is the largest artificial satellite in orbit of the Earth. Although it is the largest artificial satellite in the orbit of the world, it is not easy to take ISS photos from Earth with a standard camera.

A man using the 120 decibel username in Reddit managed to take a photograph of the ISP with a telescope he installed in the backyard of his home. 120decibel shared the ISS photo he took with the telescope he installed in his backyard on Reddit.

120decibel followed ISS for a while in the sky to take the ISS photo and got 22 frames. Later, he combined these frames and created the ISP photo he published on Reddit.

120 decibels used an expensive telescope to capture the photograph of the ISS. According to the user commenting on Reddit, the telescope used by 120decibel is a professional telescope worth $ 7,000.

According to another Reddit user who commented on the ISS photo, it is possible to see ISS from the Earth even if you don’t have a telescope worth $ 7,000. The Reddit user says that the ISP looks like a bright star above the horizon 30 degrees.

For those who want to catch ISS with the naked eye or follow it with a telescope, Heavens Above publishes the ISP’s transit route. If you want to follow ISS with a telescope or try to see it with the naked eye, you can find ISP route information published by Heavens Above here.


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