Man swallows AirPods asleep and survives to tell story


Despite the practicality they offer, wireless headsets are easily lost, so little care is taken to stay with the owner as long as possible. Still, sleeping with them is not a good idea, as Bradford Gauthier, from Massachusetts (USA), was able to prove last Tuesday (2), according to WWLP: he swallowed his device while sleeping.

After cleaning up the mess caused by snow on his property for two hours straight, Gauthier decided to put on his AirPods and, exhausted, went to bed, something very common in his routine, since he has a six-month-old son and does not want to disturb the kid.

The next morning, he did not find one of the devices and noticed that he was experiencing slight discomfort in his chest. “Still, I went out and continued my duties for an hour,” he told the portal. “When I entered my house, I tried to drink a glass of water and I couldn’t,” he added, attributing the fact, initially, to an inflammation of the throat or something like that.

His family, on the other hand, had another theory. “My other son and wife considered that I swallowed one of my AirPods. At first, it was all a joke, but the coincidence was too big to rule out the possibility,” Bradford said. So he went to a hospital in the area where he lives.

To his surprise, an X-ray scan confirmed that the item was lodged in his esophagus.

Stay alert!

After undergoing an emergency endoscopy, Gauthier returned home without any stronger negative effects – a somewhat unexpected event, according to the specialist who attended. “The doctor told me that it is extremely unusual for a block to be neither painful nor extremely uncomfortable.”

As for the habit, apparently, some things must change, says the survivor: “I never thought that [sleeping with AirPods] could pose a risk to my safety. I was very lucky.”


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