Man Swallows AirPod And Scares Doctors In The US


AirPod: American Brad Gauthier of Worcester, Mass., achieved a closeness to the Apple brand that few fans have ever achieved. In a report to The Guardian, the American described his feat of swallowing an AirPod last Friday (18), which happened in February 2021.

After watching the movie “The Enigma of Another World”, Brad, sleep-drunk, removed one of his Airpods from his ear to sleep; however, after waking up a few hours later, the American could no longer find the accessory.

Gauthier got out of bed and went to the bathroom to get a drink of water, but he couldn’t swallow. Although the event was obviously dangerous and alarming, the man thought his throat was dry or sore—if this happens to you, please see a doctor.

The next day, the American tried to use the Find My app to find the exiled Airpod; however, the device battery was empty. Gauthier still spent hours shoveling snow from his property, trying to drink water from time to time, but he still didn’t swallow it. “I lost one of my headphones. Has anyone seen it?” he asked his family over breakfast.

The Adventures of a Swallowed AirPod

After rummaging through the room, his son Owen jokingly quizzed, “Maybe you swallowed it in your sleep.” Brad laughed at the joke and again tried to drink water without success and began to think the comment was plausible.

At the emergency clinic, nurses and doctors were incredulous at the description of Brad’s symptoms. The receptionist explained that patients with objects stuck in their throats allege severe pain and that it was very unusual for someone to inadvertently swallow an object of this size.

After the X-ray, a doctor surrounded by colleagues showed the results to the patient, and there it was: the Girl Scout AirPod. Despite the comicity of the situation, the concerned doctor explained that the device was attached to the wall of the esophagus.

If the accessory moved to serious roads, the possibility of suffocation was high; but if it went to the bowel, it could attach itself to the wall of the organ and surgery would be necessary – perhaps you remember another man who also performed this feat and had the phone come out intact “on the other side”.

Brad was rushed to the endoscopy center, where they used a small tube with a loop to end the headset shipments. A few minutes later, the American was already holding the device in a small bag.

“I tested it at home and everything is fine, but the microphone is no longer reliable,” joked the American. “I’ll never know exactly how I managed to swallow it,” he concluded. Thankfully the battery was depleted and the AirPod didn’t vibrate using the app, as it could have moved around in the body.


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