A man in Norway leaked naked to school distance education


In Norway, a man was connected to the live broadcast of a school that taught video conferencing, although he was not invited. The man, who was broadcasted completely naked and exposing himself to young children, started to discuss the security of video conferencing applications.

The coronavirus epidemic, which took place in Wuhan, China and affected the world, caused extraordinary situations throughout the world. Experts, who stated that the infectiousness of the virus is high, explained that the main measure that can be taken to protect against coronavirus is not to leave the houses and to be isolated. This statement leaves more than 1 billion people at home today.

There are various measures in all countries regarding coronavirus. The most important of these measures is the holiday of schools. Because the coronavirus loves crowded environments and can spread to everyone in these environments in a short time. Therefore, the students whose schools are on holiday are now realizing their usual teaching life via television or the internet, that is, remotely.

Norway is one of the countries where schools are holidays within the scope of coronavirus measures. The country has reported 3,443 COVID-19 cases to date, and 16 of these cases have died. As such, government officials decided to vacation schools and switch to the distance education system to stop the pandemic from spreading. However, the country has now started to discuss the security of video conferencing applications used for distance education.

A school in Norway chose Whereby, a popular video conferencing app worldwide to provide distance learning to its students. However, a malevolent man managed to accurately guess one of the video conference IDs used by this school and was connected to the live broadcast during the lesson. The man, who exposed himself completely to the children, caused the cancellation of distance education at school.

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This event in Norway also led to a discussion of the security of video conferencing applications. In fact, cyber security experts have already raised some of the problems of video conferencing applications last year. Because a research has revealed that not encrypting video conferencing applications will cause various leaks during live conversations.

New statements on the subject reveal that there are still similar problems with most video conferencing applications. Cyber ​​security experts state that the broadcasts opened in video conferencing applications must be encrypted. Considering that nowadays not only schools but also businesses use video conferencing applications, it seems likely that similar events will occur in the coming days.


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