A Man in Italy Kills Doctor Girlfriend for Infecting Coronavirus


An Italian male nurse murdered his girlfriend, who was a doctor, on the grounds that he was infected with a coronavirus. Confessing his crime in the police interrogation, the man said, “I killed him because he infected me with coronavirus.”

Italy, the country with the most casualties in the world due to coronavirus (COVID-19), was shaken by a shock murder. According to the daily newspaper press, Sözcü newspaper reported that a male nurse named Antonio De Pace murdered his girlfriend, Lorena Quaranta, a doctor who took care of COVID-19 patients at the hospital where he worked.

De Pace, who stated that he killed his girlfriend on the grounds that he had infected him with a coronavirus, confessed to the murder by calling the police from his home on Tuesday. Police teams, who came home upon notice, found the 27-year-old Quaranta lifeless on the ground. Italian media reported that De Pace had cuts on his wrist and was trying to commit suicide.

The Italian man, who confessed to his crime in the interrogation, said, “I killed him because he infected me with coronavirus.” On the other hand, it was stated that the coronavirus tests of De Pace and Quaranta were negative. Starting a comprehensive investigation into the tragedy, the police are investigating the possibility that the murder may have been committed for another reason rather than the coronavirus.

The Italian press wrote that Quaranta, 27, was very active on social media before she fell victim to the murder, and that the doctors in Italy shared hard working conditions and rights.

Italy, which continued its fight against the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak that first erupted in Wuhan, China in December 2019, is one of the countries most affected by the pandemic. The total number of confirmed cases in Italy exceeds 110,000. Italy, the country with the highest mortality / incidence rate in the world, has sacrificed 13,155 people to the coronavirus to date.


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