Man imprisoned for threatening 150,000 pound bitcoin


A man involved in a road fight in the incident in England, sent a threatening letter to the person he was fighting and asked for 150 thousand pounds of Bitcoin (BTC).

According to the content of a news website, a man named Nigel Wright got involved in a road fight while cruising on the A46 road in England. According to the report, Wright sent a threatening letter to the driver at the end of the discussion. It was stated in the threat letter that Wright, who learned that he wanted money, wanted this amount in the form of 150 thousand pounds of Bitcoin. The 45-year-old man, who wrote in his letter that he would harm the family of the person he sent the letter to if he did not receive the amount, was sentenced to prison by the court he was taken to.

According to the continuation of the news, Wright received a 3-year prison sentence for the threatening letter he wanted, while the actual sentence was between 2018 and 2020 for his conspiracy attempt on the British market chain. It was learned that the criminal, who was asked for 11 years of imprisonment, placed glass shards in baby food in order to file a claim for damages of 1.4 million pounds against Tesco during this period.

Since the moments when Wright intervened in baby food were recorded by cameras, these images were presented to the court as evidence in Tesco’s favor. It was stated that Tesco, who was deemed not guilty by the court, had the products collected throughout the country.

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Bribery scandal with Tether

Another news about cryptocurrencies being used in crime came from the United States of America. A group of people who wanted to obtain fake passports to help drug cartels offered to bribe agents working in the US state administration with Tether for this. Tether, worth about $ 4,000, was given to US agents as a bribe in the incident. The United States Department of Justice (DoJ) sued 6 people involved in the incident on the grounds that they laundered money using crypto money.


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