Man Enabling Tesla Model 3’s Secret Dyno Mode Has Accident (Video)


How the Dyno Mode, which disables Tesla cars’ traction control, automatic emergency braking and stability control systems, became clear in the past days. A Tesla Model 3 owner activated the Dyno Mode he was curious about and had an accident with his vehicle.

How Tesla used the Dyno Mode to test the vehicles was activated in the past days. Tesla users who manage to activate Dyno Mode share their experiences with videos.

Some special actions are required to activate Dyno Mode. Following the applied operations, Dyno Mode is activated and Tesla vehicles’ traction control, stability control and automatic emergency braking system are disabled.

After emerging how to activate Dyno Mode, some Tesla users have activated this mode in their vehicles and tried to make their vehicles a “drift machine”. However, some of the trials with Dyno Mode resulted in accidents.

A man who wanted to use the Tesla Model 3 vehicle by activating the Dyno Mode, shared the video of his accident. In the video, it seems that the Tesla Model 3 with Dyno Mode active turns out of the way while turning the bend. Fortunately, Model 3 does not cause any major damage.

The presence of Dyno Mod appeared in an EPA document last October. However, Tesla did not make an official statement about how the Dyno Mode was activated. The Dyno Mode, which emerges from EPA documents, is normally used when testing Tesla’s power outputs.

Accident with Model 3 with Dyno Mode activated


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