The Man Who Coughed On The Bus In Ukraine Was Beaten And Downloaded From The Bus (Video)


The whole world is going through difficult times because of the increasing coronavirus epidemic. While the quarantine and curfew continues in many countries, a video from Ukraine surprised everyone. It was alleged that the video showed a man beaten for coughing on the bus.

The coronavirus epidemic that affected the world infected many people in a very short time and caused thousands of people to die. Vaccines and drug studies for the coronavirus, which are tried to combat various precautions in all countries where it is observed, are carried out by scientists. This time, news of violence was added to news from various places due to the virus tried to defeat. It was said that the person who was punched out in a video shared from a YouTube channel was exposed to this treatment because he coughed on the bus.

It seems unpredictable in what ways people will react to the effects of coronavirus, now proven to be highly contagious. Nowadays, where most people choose to isolate themselves, there are also those who have to use public transportation. After the short video shared by The New York Times today, it is interpreted that the limit of people’s tolerance has fallen.

Said to be thrown out of the bus because he coughed
According to the statement, the video was taken after the fight started. It is understood that the event took place on a bus in Lviv, Ukraine, in images with all the faces blurred. Multiple passengers attack a man, knocking him out the door, and the fight continues outside. The video ends without realizing what the man’s final situation is said to have encountered such a reaction because he coughs unconcernedly without paying attention to the distance.

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It is underlined that in the comments received, it was difficult times because of the coronavirus and that all the citizens of the world should support each other. In these days when fear and uncertainty surround everyone, we think it is worth trying to stay as calm as possible and escaping from crowded environments as much as possible. It seems that the stretched nerves can be brought under control only like this. We all look forward to hearing about the news of the coronavirus outbreak from the world and our country in the coming days.


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