MAMAMOO’s Wheein celebrates her birthday with all her fans love


The loving messages from her most loyal fans have prompted the singer to move on. The idol is celebrating this very important date with her fans

Jung Whee In was born in the city of Jeonju in South Korea on April 17, 1995 , from a very young age she showed her taste for singing and music.

The MAMAMOO singer’s journey has been a long one, because after staying as an apprentice in the company ‘MBK or Core Contents Media’ she had to start her studies again to be an idol and for about three years she was receiving classes at ‘ Rainbow Bridge World’ your new company.

To form the MAMAMOO lineup , ‘Rainbow Bridge World’ held a contest, where Wheein along with Hwasa were the first members to be chosen to belong to the new project, then Solar and Moonbyul were integrated .

Little by little Wheein has become a strong representative of K-Pop , she has always said that the concept of the group goes very well with her, as it is fresh, colorful, fun, with a retro and special touch.

MOOMOO put the #ArtistWheeinDay hashtag on trend to celebrate the birthday of the ‘Angel’ singer, showing her all her love and support today on her special day in which she is celebrating her 25th birthday.


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