MAMAMOO’s Hwasa tells first love story


MAMAMOO’s Hwasa tells first love story. The relationship inspired this idol to write a song that would later become a hit.

The maknae of MAMAMOO is a very open person when it comes to show who she really is, this applies even when talking about her own history. We have seen her talk many times about friendship with Wheein , who has been with her since they were students, but Hwasa has also shared how her experience with dating has been.

Hwasa confessed that throughout her life she has only had one boyfriend , he is the person who inspired the single for her solo debut, ‘Twit’. The idol says that this song is about the first and only boy she has dated , but their story together was not always as described by the melody.

‘Twit’ talks about how their relationship becomes boring because the boy goes out of his way for her, giving her everything he asks without even questioning, but before they started dating, Hwasa was interested in him for almost a year, time during which he kept pushing her away and rejecting her.

The reason? He seemed a little scared because of the image of Hwasa on television because he is not a celebrity, besides this idol is recognized as a strong woman, a ‘girl crush’, however when they finally started Given an opportunity to get to know each other, the interest began to be mutual, making them both fall in love.

They left about 2 and a half years but, after having played the difficult one, Hwasa’s boyfriend now showed a totally different facet, he pleased her in everything she just suggested and did, but he did so with such a commitment that she came to think that That’s how all the boys were in a relationship, until at a certain point that was too much.

Hwasa has exterminated that she had previously been hurt by people’s words so she didn’t build relationships with many people around her, but eventually she realized that if someone liked her she would really be able to give up her pride , and it was just that what she did with that first love she remembers with appreciation.

Wheein, who had witnessed how Hwasa worked for that relationship, felt very happy for her friend’s success in getting the boy she liked to fall in love with her, to the extent that when Hwasa confessed that she was dating someone both jumped in excitement while she cried in excitement.


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