MAMAMOO reveals teaser for Wanna be myself


MAMAMOO is ready to show off her girl power with “Wanna be myself,” her new song. Rainbow Bridge World’s girl group is preparing for a simple and commercial comeback, as this project is part of their collaboration with the Andar brand. K-pop idols are known to break various stereotypes, so this song is expected to have a powerful message about being yourself without fear of anything.


Through their official social networks, MAMAMOO surprisingly announced the release of “Wanna be myself”, their new song, the K-pop group also released the first teaser for this release that will take place this Thursday, September 10 at 4 AM, Mexico time.

The photo shows each of the MAMAMOO members in sporty outfits, while giving a group hug and looking very smiling and confident. The publication has already registered more than 15 thousand retweets and more than 40 thousand likes, this single is part of its agreement with Andar, since the girls are the new image of its campaign.

Andar is a brand of sportswear and accessories, especially yoga, leggings, sweatshirts, water bottles among others. Apparently, “Wanna be myself” will be a collaboration to show the group’s gilr power, as well as send a message of confidence and self-love for the fans to make them feel comfortable being themselves.

It is not known if the song will have an official MV, and fans are hoping it will be a preview before they announce a new comeback following the success of “HIP”. “Wanna be myself” will be a kind of CF, (commercial) musical and is expected to be promoted by Andar. The digital single will be released only in a few hours, are you ready?

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