MAMAMOO are preparing for a world tour


MAMAMOO fans all over the world can rejoice!

MAMAMOO returned on October 11 with their mini-album “MIC ON” and the title track “Illella”.

On this occasion, the participants organized a showcase to present their new release, as well as talk about the future activities of the group.

On this occasion, Solar announced that the band “plans to finally meet the whole world 8 years after its debut.”

You read it right, MAMAMOO is planning a world tour! The band explained that their desire to go on a world tour has been present for a long time, and that without the Covid-19 pandemic they would have already done it.

But, as they say, better late than never, so it will be soon!

The girls shared their impatience to meet international fans, and we can say that impatience is common!

There are no details yet, but fingers crossed that the group will stop in France!


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