Maluma published his phone number to communicate with his fans


The singer confessed that he will take advantage of this free time to contact some lucky people

During a quarantine like the one we currently live in, technology has played a key role in keeping us connected with others and with the outside. Although one of the main advantages offered by these media is to keep us informed and in contact with our loved ones, they also help to distract our minds from a scenario where much of what we see and think is about the pandemic that affects the world.

For this reason, a large number of celebrities have turned to their social networks to keep in touch with their fans, encourage them and invite them to follow the security measures that help us take care of our health.

Maluma was one of them, who has shown his fans the way he has spent these days at home , filming from dance and exercise routines to a haircut he made himself, all of that is just a little of what we have seen on their networks.

But now, the reggaeton star shared his phone number so that his fans could write to him, he indicated that for now he is only enabled for messages from the United States and Canada, which broke the hearts of some loyal fans who support him from Latin America , but without a doubt the gesture was very well received by his fans.


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