Malika Menard in pink in blue jeans: its look is a sensation on the web!


Malika Ménard still met a nice success on Instagram! Through a photo, the pretty brunette has a trendy look!

We no longer present the beautiful Malika Ménard! In just a few years, the pretty Miss has become one of the most popular “It girl”. Like many celebrities, the pretty brunette is also very active on her social networks. On Instagram, more than 350,000 people follow her. A fashion lover, the journalist likes to reveal all her looks of the moment. She always opts for elegant outfits that highlight it!

Not so long ago, Malika Ménard had made everyone agree with a beautiful set sky blue. Concerned with detail, her handbag fitted perfectly with her pretty outfit. Not surprisingly, his post had more than 7,000 likes in just a few hours. Like her sister Iris Mittenaere, the pretty brunette is also a true fashionista!

In the city, Malika Ménard is quite discreet. At the last news, she would always be a heart to take. With her pretty face, it is not hard to imagine that she certainly has a large number of contenders. For the moment, the beauty queen also multiplies the projects on the right. Addicted to the sport, she has always paid attention to her line. This year, the pretty Miss has also become an ambassador of the Paris sports brand FitWave. Everything rolls for her!

In the meantime, Malika Ménard has still talked about her on the Web! In her Insta photo, the 32-year-old poses with a beautiful denim set from Shein. The journalist also bet for a make up of the most glamorous. His shot has already obtained more than 4,000 likes in just a few hours. In the thread of comments, its subscribers are all unanimous and conquered. “Beautiful woman, a goddess,” can be read under his post or “very classy”! Well done Malika …


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