Male beauty stereotypes of Korean culture


These are just a few male beauty stereotypes that are strongly ingrained within Korean culture. Each one of the cultures has its own stereotypes of beauty, which in one country is considered attractive, in another territory it may be a not so striking feature for most of society.

Korean aesthetics have become popular thanks to K-pop, tall, handsome idols, fashionable cuts, colored hair, muscular anatomy, on the other hand, drama is also enjoyed by a lot of people who have an idea. what is the stereotype of male beauty in South Korea.

The ideal of Korean beauty in a man is very demanding, since, like women, they must meet certain traits to be considered handsome or attractive within their country.

What are the stereotypes of Korean male beauty? This time we present you some physical details that a Korean man must have to be called ‘handsome’ or of pleasant appearance.

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All Korean men are handsome

Many fans of Korean culture think that all Korean men are attractive, but remember that beauty is found in the eyes of the beholder and is internal, so genres are broken in tastes and there are people who may consider someone handsome, while others think it is not.


There are Korean actors who have incredible height and idols who possess that same characteristic that is considered very attractive to Korean society, but not all Korean men are that tall.


In South Korea, a man with fair skin, “snow white” is considered quite attractive. Some people find men with more tanned skin to be more masculine and handsome.

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Large eyes

Within the Korean beauty stereotypes about men one of the elements is that they have large and expressive eyes, but there are many Korean boys with different looks, who are just as attractive and striking.

All Korean men dress fashionably

It is true that the citizens of South Korea enjoy fashion, not for nothing is it one of the capitals of design, but not all men find this issue important, some do not care much about fashion and others find it in clothing as a way to express yourself.


K-pop drama actors, singers, rappers, and dancers look fit, spending hours in the gym or practicing their choreography, but there is a variety in figures and bodies within the Korean male population.


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