Making $ 25,000 after discovering his Instagram flaw


Brazilian teenager Andres Alonnso Bie Perez won a $ 25,000 Facebook prize after discovering a flaw in Instagram. With the intention of creating a filter app for the social network, Andres identified that the filter links could be manipulated to include any code on the Instagram page.

After carrying out some tests, the teenager sent an email informing the company of the failure on August 23. After two days, he received a reply confirming the mistake and, to his surprise, the cash reward.

“I was already intending to” find “an error, it was when I was making an application that needs to integrate with Instagram filters and I needed to know how it created the filter links. For that I had to study the application and saw that had the possibility of being a failure. I tested it and it worked “, explained Andres to G1.

In direct conversion, the young man would receive just over R $ 130 thousand. However, due to bank transfer fees, the amount dropped to R $ 126 thousand. According to the young man, the award was presented on September 14th. With the money, Andres bought a better computer and saved the rest to invest in some project.

Unexpected reward

The teenager said he already intended to take the time to look for flaws and participate in Facebook’s “bug bounty”, a program that rewards information about vulnerabilities in its services. However, he did not imagine that he would make so much money from the discovery.

Even his mother, Helenice Luzia Peres, did not believe the news. “I was surprised, he was looking forward to seeing if he could get the $ 500, and when he told me the value of the prize, I thought he was playing some kind of joke.” Although he still does not know which profession he will follow in the future, Andres guarantees that it will be in the area of ​​technology.

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