Makes Universal Print’s preview public


Microsoft made Universal Print available in preview version to the public. The software allows IT departments to transfer the print function from Windows Server to the cloud, enabling printer management over the Internet.

First made available in a closed preview in March this year, Microsoft Universal Print brings together control of a company’s printers in a single, managed interface straight from the cloud. Since the first launch, the company has promised a virtually identical and “free” experience with learning curves.

According to the brand, employees of companies with Microsoft Universal Print can print documents with any software – be it browsers, Microsoft Word and others. The changes are restricted to the administrators of the printers – a task normally assigned to the IT department.

With it, IT employees can replace Microsoft Server printer management with Internet administration, in the Microsoft 365 cloud. In addition to printer control, the tool adds security groups for printing access, printer detection by location and a “richer management experience”, as the company describes.

Microsoft recommends that the tool be applied to printers already compatible with Universal Print to ensure a complete experience; however, this does not prevent other printers from working with the system. In addition, manufacturers are already working on the compatibility of new devices with the tool.

The Microsoft Universal Print documentation can be read on the official Microsoft website. Implementation tutorials, tips and all features were fully described by the company (also in Portuguese).


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