This is what makes every BTS member happy


This is what makes every BTS member happy
Find out if you and you bias share aspects that make them compatible.

At first glance, you might assume that the things that make BTS guys happy are material possessions , but since they have it all, maybe they have realized what is really worth it .

For FESTA of 2018, members of BTS , Suga, V, Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope and RM , shared a happiness list with 10 points that make you feel strangely happy .

The ” small but absolute joys ” of the Big Hit boys are very varied, from very daily actions such as sleeping or eating, to days off spending time with their families, having a coffee, shopping, etc …

All these aspects are what make your personality stronger and complement it . Check out the favorite things of the members of the group :

1.- See the sky when the day is warm.

2.- He likes to follow his father’s customs , cool off when he comes out of bathing.

3.- Drink oolong tea on an empty stomach.

4. The leader of BTS believes that if the contact lens is placed on the first attempt the day will flow too well.

5.- The Seoul Forest , in the Seongsudong area.

6.- Go to buy clothes and imagine how it would look with what you already have, increase your collection and come to your house to see that the combination is perfect.

7.- Have a good day off, with beautiful weather.

8.- Make music and check that it sounds good.

9.- That an order arrives before time.

10.- Feeling loved.

1.- Go out to record videos.

2.- After waking up playing games on your computer.

3.- Go to restaurants.

4.- Watch movies.

5.- Watch movies in your bedroom with the projector.

6.- Bathing and applying moisturizing cream.

7.- Exercise.

8.- Buy items via internet.

9.- Annoy your hyungs .

10.- Eat delicious food.

1.- Play the last game and that the competition is very close to use your skills when winning.

2.- When BTS members laugh at their jokes.

3.- When you wake up and it is 3 in the afternoon.

4.- Exercise and feel that your shoulders are getting bigger and bigger.

5.- When the group members enjoy the dishes that Jin prepares for them.

6.- When you hear compliments on her beautiful face.

7.- Say hello to ARMY after a presentation.

8.- When he dances a choreography and Hoseok sees it with great pride.

9.- Eat.

10.- When Jungkook massages his shoulders.

1.- See the collection of Polaroid photographs that has been accumulating over the years.

2.- Talk with J-Hope after work, since they share many feelings.

3.- Play with Jungkook.

4.- Get together and live with your friends.

5.- Post in the fancafe and read the comments of ARMY.

6.- Play video games.

7.- Refresh yourself.

8.- Go shopping.

9.- Go on a trip.

10.- The concerts.

1.- Photography, getting to know different places through your lens.

2.- See and learn about different works of art.

3.- Get together with your friends to play video games.

4.- Go on a trip.

5.- Sleep.

6.- Eating, he says it is absolute happiness.

7.- Wear clothes, because it is your life and it gives you security.

8.- Watch movies, less horror.

9.- Play with Yeontan.

10.- Enjoy time with your family and live together.

1.- Wake up in the morning and go to the toilet.

2.- Buy household items.

3.- Think of a good rhythm for a song .

4.- Try new dishes or food.

5.- Go shopping.

6.- When everything you plan meets.

7.- When your hair dries after a shower.

8.- When your face is not swollen when you wake up.

9.- After eating drink American coffee.

10.- The snow during Christmas.

1.- Sleep during your days off.

2.- Sleep during the days when you do not have presentations.

3.- Turn off the alarm and sleep late.

4.- Buy new speakers.

5.- Refresh yourself.

6.- Buy new MIDI equipment.

7.- Sleep during the days with good weather.

8.- See presentations by artists you admire.

9.- When you resume a project that has been paused.

10.- Have an American coffee on an empty stomach.


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