Maker Of Dark Cards For The PS5 Provokes Sony And Gets Sued


The PS5 took just a few days on the market for a multitude of cover plates to appear by other manufacturers, offering interested parties new color and design options to decorate their consoles. Sony would not be able to try to overturn all these offers for patent infringement, but one of those manufacturers the company is keen to sue: Dbrand.

Dbrand already does a lot of work on cellphone covers and covers, and decided to take a chance on the PS5 hype as well, offering a dark cover for the console earlier this year. Following the pattern of the original plastic, the brand decided to create its own version of the small symbols that cover the inside of the surfaces, transforming the classic shapes of the control buttons into a more “dark” version of them.

Not satisfied, Dbrand wanted to make humor and jokes into the product description, saying the texture brings “a familiar, yet legally distinct, post-apocalyptic retelling of the classic PlayStation button shapes.” The company attributes the thinking to one of its lawyers, practically defying Sony to sue them.

Months later, the PS5 manufacturer decided to take up the challenge, along with a “stop and quit” letter, which immediately suspended the sale of the dark boards on the Dbrand website.

Taking a lawsuit from a giant like Sony can sometimes serve to put your brand on the map, but if that was the plan, Dbrand still won’t admit it. Instead, the company went to Reddit to complain immensely about the legal action it is facing, including mentioning Round 6 and its use of the same symbols, obviously ignoring the differences in the context of each use.


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