Make zoom captioning feature available to everyone


Subtitle feature will soon be widely available in Zoom. The video conferencing application has announced that it will offer automatic captioning for all users by the autumn of 2021.

Subtitle feature will also be available to free users

Currently built-in AI powered feature is available only to paid account holders. However, Zoom said it will accept automatic caption requests by the fall when the feature becomes available, to assist free account holders who need live transcriptions, such as those with hearing loss.

According to the company’s closed caption FAQs, the feature can be enabled by a host and viewable by all attendees. Note that the feature currently only supports English.

The feature that will be available to free users as of autumn 2021 aims to make the calls more efficient and understandable. Supporting the success of the pandemic with each passing day, the platform continues to increase the user experience with its new features.

Whenever Zoom’s caption feature is available to everyone, do you intend to use it?


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