Make videos looking younger or older with this app


Created by a small team based in St. Petersburg, FaceApp already made noise at the time in 2017, the year it became the most popular application on the Android Google Play Store. 2 years later, the app became fashionable again.

FaceApp app

The grace of the application is the use it makes of its algorithms and “a type of Artificial Intelligence known as a neural network”, which, based on a selfie that you took, modified the image and showed it to you as if you were younger or as if you were a 60-80 year old person.

Just a year later, at the gates of the summer of 2020, FaceApp went viral again thanks to its new filter: Gender Swap, which became a trending topic on the networks. The reason? Because like the age change filter, FaceApp has hit the viral hit with a filter that literally changes your gender. And this ‘gender swap’ was all the rage on networks like Twitter, which show montages of all kinds: from politicians like Sánchez or Casado to mythical characters like Luke Skywalker. But FaceApp returns just before the end of the year with another novelty: video effects.

FaceApp also on the move

The new application update (v4.0) extends the filters to video editing, allowing you to apply the aging or rejuvenation effect to your recordings as well. You can even put on a smile, a sad face, or a beard.

To apply the filters, just record a short video and hit Play. During playback, the different available filters will appear at the bottom, whose effects will appear on the image just by pressing on them. The recordings with applied filters can be saved and shared through WhatsApp and networks such as Twitter or Instagram.


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